Children and Young People at ABC

View/Download our 'Children at ABC' Booklet

View/Download our 'Youth at ABC' Booklet

Children and young people are very welcome at ABC and play a vital part in our church life. We believe they are loved by God and precious to Him.

We are pleased to involve children in regular activities and run a variety of groups for different ages and with different aims. All of these groups are open to any child of the right age.

ABC runs a wide range of activities and groups throughout the year specifically for young people. There are weekly groups, special events including trips and activities, weekends away and camps, all of which are open to any young person of the right age.

Young people are key at ABC and able to get involved with a church that is passionate about investing in their lives, helping build firm Christian foundations, encouraging young leaders and supporting spiritual growth. We also have other groups for younger children, which are listed separately.


The safety and well-being of children and young people is of the highest priority in all ABC’s activities and events. All our leaders and helpers are required to have DBS clearance, and we operate a safeguarding policy which covers all aspects of our church groups and events. This is continually reviewed, and a summary statement is on display on the noticeboard at church.

The full safeguarding policy can be seen here.