Christmas Services

Services at Ampthill Baptist Church over Christmas:

Christmas Cracker

Thursday 20th December at 10:30am

For children aged 0-9, a morning packed with Christmas songs, stories, crafts and fun.

All-age Sunday Service

Sunday 23rd December at 10:45am 

A special Sunday morning service with worship & teaching for all ages.

Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 23rd December at 6:30pm 

Our service for the young and old to join in singing our favourite carols together.

Midnight Christmas Communion

Monday 24th December at 11:30pm 

A quiet and reflective service seeing in Christmas Day and sharing communion.

Christmas Day Celebration

Tuesday 25th December at 10:00am 

A quick and informal service celebrating Jesus' birth together on Christmas Day.

Then at 12:30pm there's One Big Christmas for those with no one to share Christmas Day with.

 One Big Christmas 
If you, or someone you know has no one to share Christmas Day with, we’d love you to come join us at Ampthill Baptist Church for dinner and company on 25th December. More info