Finance FAQs

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How much does it cost to run ABC? 

In 2018 we expect it to cost around £212,000

Where does our money come from?

You may think that it comes from the Baptist Union, from grants, rich benefactors or savings interest, but in reality it's none of these - well, not much! 

Like all Baptist Churches we rely almost entirely on the generous giving of our congregation. That means that last year our fellowship gave well over £196,000 to the church and most of the rest of our income came from the gift-aid on that giving. 

So do I have to give money be to able to come to ABC?

Not at all, we'd rather you simply came and were part of things. Some people are in circumstances where they are unable to give - and not just because they are poor. ABC exists to help people meet Jesus Christ and He never demanded payment before He shared time with anyone! 

But giving is part of being a Christian isn’t it? 

Yes, it is. All kinds of giving are important. If you only have time to give, then spending it in prayer or visiting the sick and elderly are wonderful gifts. But, if you are blessed with a sufficient income, then the Bible teaches us that giving to the church fellowship is an important way to make sure that others are able to give the practical service you are unable to give yourself.

Many Christians believe it is right to tithe, that is, to give away a tenth of their income, either to their church, or to other charitable causes, or a combination of both.

So what does ABC spend its money on?

 Basically on 4 things:

  • Salaries  - About 54% of our income goes on paying people
     - A Full-time Senior Pastor
     - A Full Time Associate Pastor 
     - A Youth Worker
    -  A Children's Worker
     - Two P/T Administrators
     - A Caretaker
     - A Cleaner 

  • Maintenance - About 13% of our spending goes on caring for our church building and the two houses that our Pastors live in.
  • Fellowship  -About 16% of our spending goes on the ministries and projects that go on in the church:
     - Services and Gatherings
     - The Alpha Course
     - Training Courses - such as for Safeguarding or Food Hygiene
     - Pastoral Care
     - Youth Ministry
     - Subscriptions
     - Purchase of new equipment
     - Visiting speakers 

  • What we give away - We give away approximately 20% of our income. 

As a fellowship we have committed to a number of MISSION PARTNERS which we support directly from church funds. These partners and the gifts we give are decided annually at the Church Members Meeting. 

See the Mission Partnerships section of this website for more information and the people and organisations that we support. 

How can I give to ABC? 

The best way to support ABC, if you are a tax-payer, is to Gift Aid your giving. For every £1 given in this way, the government gives ABC a further 25p.  If you have a bank account you can set up a standing order for a monthly or quarterly amount. This can be gift-aided using the same form. You can download a standing order/gift aid form here

If you prefer to not to give a set amount, you can still gift-aid your giving by using the envelope system. 

To ask for a set of envelopes please see Simon Herbert (Treasurer) or Alan Paterson (Assistant Treasurer) or e-mail to You will only need to complete the Gift Aid section of the form.

You can download information about leaving a legacy to the church.


Simon HerbertSimon Herbert, Treasurer