Thought For The Day

Twice a week, on Tuesdays & Thursdays, someone from ABC will be giving a Thought For The Day (TFTD). Different themes, different passages, different people - same God, same Church coming together. Make sure you’re signed up to the ABC emails (contact our office) & they will also be available here on the website.

TFTD - 30th July: More than Conquerors by Michael Mead

TFTD - 28th July: Growth by Catherine Sleight

TFTD - 23rd July: Choose love by Hazel Arnold (Shefford Baptist Church)

TFTD - 21st July: Gratitude by Claudia Tyson

TFTD - 16th July: How long Lord, How long? by Andy Harris

TFTD - 14th July: A change of view – Attitude adjustment by Andrew Johnson (Shefford Baptist Church)

TFTD - 9th July: Solitude by Alex Vickers

TFTD - 7th July: River of prayer by Maryla Carter

TFTD - 2nd July: A humble attitude by Bernard Coen

TFTD - 30th June: Our security by George Banks

TFTD - 25th June: Meekness by Geoff Richardson

TFTD - 23rd June: Courage by Ruth Baker

TFTD - 18th June: Smoke in your eyes? by Ken Argent

TFTD - 16th June: God's unlikely choices by Lesley Taaffe

TFTD - 11th June: Hope, a poem by Carolyn Chappell

TFTD - 9th June: Journeying by John and Cherry Parkinson

TFTD - 4th June: Rest by Steph Phillips

TFTD - 2nd June: The Holy Spirit who leads us by Jean Eames

TFTD - 28th May: The Holy Spirit, our comforter by Gary Wood

TFTD - 26th May: The Holy Spirit who makes us bold by Patricia Royston

TFTD - 21st May: God's faithfulness and love endure by Shefford Baptist church (PF)

TFTD - 19th May: The Holy Spirit who transforms us by Lauren Herbert

TFTD - 14th May: Salt of the Earth by Rob Baker

TFTD - 12th May: Shine like stars by Tracey Feil

TFTD - 7th May: The Good Shepherd by Martha Spencer

TFTD - 5th May: God's gift of new life by Jo Reynolds

TFTD - 30th April: God is with us by Pete Davies

TFTD - 28th April: Peace by Ruth Dant

TFTD - 23rd April: Waiting on God by Judith Coen

TFTD - 21st April: Forgiveness: A new start by John Feil

TFTD - 16th April: Delighting in God's good words by Mel Herbert

TFTD - 14th April: Resurrection Hope by Frank Sherburn

TFTD - 10th April: The Cross by Andrew Goldsmith

TFTD - 9th April: Prayer by Marjorie Austin

TFTD - 7th April : The Way of the Cross by David Mead

TFTD - 2nd April: Jesus the Coming King by Naomi Sherwood

TFTD - 31st March: Love by Diane Maple

TFTD - 26th March: Hope by Shaggy Abdon Shortley

TFTD - 24th March : Faith by Andrew Goldsmith

TFTD - 23rd March: Introduction 

1st April 2020

News from our mission partners, Mat and Suzanne Gregory, serving with BMS World Mission in Albania.

23rd March 2020

Dave Walker at Cartoon Church

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